Monday, December 20, 2004

Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/13/04

special guest (sets 3-5) Peter Gunn, of Crooklyn DJ lore and Monday Night Hockey cameos...


Set One: Keep On Movin'

Intro: Loose Lip Sync Ship/The Hogs/LP/1966 (Pebbles V.3)
1. Modern World/Modern Lovers/LP/Beserkley-Rhino/1972-198?
2. She's a Mover/Big Star/LP/Ardent/1974
3. Crumbs Off the Table/Glass House/45/Invictus/1969
4. I Can't Sit andWait ('til Johnny Comes Marching Home)/100 Proof Aged In Soul/LP/Hot Wax/1970
* Ghetto Freaks Spot, "Every New White Convert Wore an Afro!"
5. Whole Lotta Love/King Curtis/LP/Atco-Warner/1970-2001
6. Funk To the Folks/Soul Searchers/LP/Sussex/1974
7. I'm Your Christmas Friend, Don't Be Hungry/James Brown/LP/King/1969
BED: Countdown to Soul/The Explorers/LP/Pure/19??-2001

Set Two: All Shades of Blues

1. Who's Been Talkin'/Howlin' Wolf/LP/Chess/1971
2. You Could Have Had Me Baby/Sugarcane Harris/LP/Epic/1970
3. No More Tears/Loading Zone/LP/RCA/1968
* Tom Laughlin & Bert Freed, "Billy Jack"
4. Trouble/Music Machine/LP/Original Sound/1966
5. Both Ends Burning/Roxy Music/45/Atco/1975
BED: Mango Meat (Instro)/Mandrill/12"/Polydor-Urban/1973-2003

Set Three: Swappin' Spit and Power Chords

1. Saturday Night/Bobby Fuller Four/LP/Del-Fi-Rhino/1963-1982 mf
2. Don't Tread On Me/Kit & the Outlaws/45/Phillips/1966 pg
3. Back Against the Wall/Ohio Express/LP/Buddah/1969 mf
4. I Can See But You Don't Know/The Equals/LP/President/1970-198? pg
5. Busted Feet/Love/LP/RSO/1974 mf
6. Walkin' the Dog/Aerosmith/LP/Columbia/1973 pg
BED: Monkey Farm ("Gunn" OST)/Henry Mancini/LP/1967 mf

Set Four: This Gunn for Hire

1. Such a Shame/Kinks/45/Reprise/1965 pg
2. Bang Bang/Petula Clark/LP/WarnerBrothers/1966 pg
3. I'll Bet You/Theresa Lindsey/LP/Golden World (Boot Comp)/1966 pg
4. Les gen sont tous/Jacques du Tranc/LP/Vogue/196? pg
5. Toute all-dress/Boule Noire/45/Revolution/196? pg
6. Tango Whiskeyman/Can/LP/Liberty/1970 pg
BED: Night on Bald Mountain/Bob James/LP/1975 mf

Set Five: Showdown: 45's at High Noon!

1. Never Get Enough/Bobby Byrd/45/Brownstone/1972 pg
2. Super Good/Myra Barnes/45/King/1969 mf
3. Susan/The Mauroks/Dee-lite/1967? pg
4. Switch It On/Cliff Nobles & Co./45/Phil-La of Soul/1967 mf
5. 1200 Miles/Flaming Ember/45/Hot Wax/1969 pg
6. I'm Your Santa, Baby/Rufus Thomas/45/Stax/197? mf
7. Can't Work No Longer/Impressions/45 (COUGH!!)/ABC/1964 pg
8. Let Me Get Close To You/Jerry Washington/45/Excello/1974 mf
BED: Ironsides/Quincy Jones/LP/ABC/1971 pg

...thanks again to Pete for coming down, he actually has an MP3 available for download of the entire show up on his website, !!!

See y'all after Christmas....

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