Monday, November 29, 2010

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/29/2010

clear path to victory

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/29/10


Set One: how did I get so twisted?

Intro: Steve Howe/LP/196
1. Keep On Keeping On/Vibrations/45/Okeh/1967
2. Don't Block the Road/Johnny Starr/45/Mala/1968
3. Funky Belly/Warren Lee/45/Wand/1969
4. Why Does It Take So Long/J.J. Jackson/45/Loma/1968
5. Happiness/Rudy Love & the Company Soul/45/Canyon/1970
6. I Don't Want a Playboy/Barbara Lynn/45/Tribe-Cultures of Soul/1966-2010
7. So Far Away/Hank Jacobs/45/Sue/1964
8. Trip On Me/The Forum/LP/Mira/1967
9. Now We're Thru/Poets/45/Dynovox/1965
10.I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye/Others/45/RCA/1966
11.Sha La La La Lee/Small Faces/LP/Decca(uk)/1966
12.I Can't See You/Starlites/LP/Barclay-Frantic/1967-1986
13.Hold On/Uncle Sam & the War Machine/45/Blue Onion/1967
14.She's a Grabber/Red Shepard & the Flock/45/Philips/1966
15.Just Seventeen/Raiders/LP/Columbia/1970
BED: Apache/Incredible Bongo Band/LP/Pride/1973

to backannounce the opening set? discographical details, baby.

Set Two: something told me it was over

1. Got a Gal Named Wilma/Hackamore Brick/LP/Kama Sutra/1971
2. Your Sweet Love/Lee Hazlewood/LP/MGM/1966
3. I'd Rather Go Blind/Christine Perfect/LP/Chrysalis/1970
4. Prelude & To Claudia on Thursday/Millenium/LP/Columbia/1968
5. Shadow 'Cross My Wall/Miller Anderson/LP/Deram/1971
BED: Harvey Mandel/Lights Out/LP/Philips/1969

Set Three: messin' with that ole apple tree

1. Hey, Hey Girl/Mighty Marvelows/45/ABC/1968
2. Baby Whatcha Got For Me/Darrell Banks/LP/Atco/1967
3. My Woman/Earl Gaines/45/Hollywood/1967
4. He Took It Like a Man/Jerry Lee Lewis/LP/Smash/1968
5. Everyday I Have to Cry/Him & Her/45/Bragg/196?
6. Soldier of Love/Beatles/CD/Apple/1963-1994
7. Runaround (Baby-Baby)/Tempi Lorrin & the Candy Girls/45/Rotate/1964
8. Under My Thumb/Del Shannon/LP/Liberty/1966
BED: Cissy Strut/Houston Pearson/LP/Prestige/1970

sounds like baby back ribs and rice

Set Four: jump back in the alley

1. That's When Happiness Began/Montanas/LP/Pye(uk)/1966
2. One By One/Mockingbirds/CD/Decca/1966
3. Long Tall Sally/Jamul/LP/Lizard/1971
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

but only for the week : )

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