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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/28/09

and a wee we go!

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 12/28/09


Set One: California grass

Intro: Crink's Mystery Track (socal high school band 1967)
1. Use What You Got/Mill Edwards/45/Bunky/1968
2. I Know I'm In Love/Jimmy Norman/45/Little Star/1962?
3. Yesterday/Pic & Bill/45/Smash/1967
4. Ticket to Ride/"Wee" Willie Walker/45/Goldwax/1967
5. Get Back/Jo Ann Garret/45/Duo/1969
6. Full-Time Dream/Fred Johnson/45/Capri/1972
7. Jumping Beat/Jose Maria Band/LP/Royal Caribbean/1969?
8. Soulful Dress/Ian & the Zodiacs/LP/Star Club(Germany)/1966
9. Feel Like Flying/The Attack/LP/Decca(UK)-Acid Jazz/1967-2009
10.Devil's On the Loose/The Rattles/45/London/1971
11.Be Good and Be Kind/Tin House/45/Epic/1970
12.High Life/Blue Things/LP/RCA/1966
13.Wind Dream/The Wildflower/LP/Mainstream/1967
14.Roller Coaster(Live)/Thirteenth Floor Elevators/LP/Lysergic/1966-1980
BED: Let's Stay Together/Ronnie Foster

Set Two: still my tongue tied, young pride

1. Partly Yours/Tim Hardin/LP/San Francisco Sound/1980-1
2. Trust/Peppermint Trolley Company/LP/Acta/1968
3. I'm a Woman/Shocking Blue/LP/Colossus/1969
4. Looking Back Johanna/West/LP/Epic/1969
5. I Wonder Where/Siren/LP/Elektra/1969
6. From Russia With Love/Sonny Johnson/LP/Tropical/1968
BED: Ike Turner/Thinking Black/LP/Pompeii/1969

Set Three: out cruising the town

1. Baby Baby/arthur Alexander/45/Dot/1963
2. What About Me/Eddie Holland/45/Motown/1962
3. I've Got to Win Your Love/Joe Beck/45/Charles/1969
4. Down to Earth/Joann Zachery/CD/Zach's/1971
5. Gloomy Monday/Curtis Knight & Jimi Hendrix/LP/Capitol/1968
6. Sodom & Gommorrahh/Titus Turner/45/Dart/19??
7. Switch Blade Sam/Jeff Daniels/CD/Boy Howdy-Rhino/1959-2002
BED: ??? I think it's Eddie Senay ..

Set Four: I can't stay on

1. Lonely Hot Road/Argent/LP/Epic/1970
2. Feel a Whole Lot Better/Flamin' Groovies/12" EP/Sire/1978
3. Touch Me/La Vida/LP/Onda/1972
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

wait until last year

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