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MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/31/2005

the horrors within your mind
power of the unknown
devil music

Midnight Falls at Noon

Apologies for the delay in getting this one up, but Blogger issues earlier in the week caused a loss of the entire playlist when I went to upload, and bitterness kept me away for the rest of the week.

Anyway, with the show falling on Halloween afternoon, how could I not come through with music of shadows and the curse of the evil eye? Please try to ignore my "scary" attemts at a Bela Lugosi impression, but to dig the spooky funk, satanic psych, and devil-dodging blues - click on the famous 'fro of "Maggot Head" below and listen - and check out the full playlist further down.

the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out

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Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/31/05


Set One: which witch is which?

Intro: Theme from "Dark Shadows"/Original Television Score/LP/Phillips/1969
1. You Must Be a Witch/Lollipop Shoppe/CD/Uni/1968
2. Sorcerer of Isis (Ritual of the Mole)/Power of Zeus/LP/Rare Earth/1971
3. Frankenstein meets Blackenstein/Midnight Movers Unltd/LP/Buddah/1974
4. Earth Creature/Boobie Knight & the Universal Lady/LP/Dakar/1974
5. Maggot Brain/Funkadelic/LP/Westbound/1971
6. Isle of Sirens/Impressions/LP/ABC/1967
7. Mystic Eye/Them/LP/Parrot/1965
8. He's Waitin'/Sonics/CD/Etiquette/1966
9. Season of the Witch/Julie Driscoll - Brian Auger/LP/Atco/1968
BED: Sho' Is Funky Down Here/James Brown/LP/King/1971

Set Two: beware the incantation

1. Devil is Watching You/Lightnin' Hopkins/LP/Vee Jay/1962
2. Mojo Hannah/Little Esther Phillips/LP/Atlantic/1962
3. Mojo Hannah/Underdogs/45/VIP/1966
4. Cold Dark Night/Charlie Feathers/LP/Barrelhouse/1969-1979
5. Long Back Veil/Johnny Cash/LP/Columbia/1965
6. The Woman in Black/Gene Vincent/LP/Kama Sutra/1970
7. Voodoo Village/Tony Joe White/LP/Warner Bros/1971
BED: Spooky/Howard Roberts/LP/Capitol/1968

read not from the book of death

Set Three: reflections of the dead

1. In the Twilight Zone/Astors/CD/Stax/1964
2. Zombie Stomp/Danny Ware/LP/REL/1964
3. Born Under a Bad Sign/Big Mama Thornton/LP/Mercury/1968
4. Spooky/Percy Sledge/LP/Atlantic/1968
BED: Sounds of the Witchdoctors/Mohawks/LP/Pama/1968

Set Four: invitation for evil - accepted

1. Evil/Troggs/LP/Fontana/1965
2. At the Mountains of Madness/H.P. Lovecraft/LP/Sundazed/1968-1995
3. Goddess of Death/St. John Green/LP/Flick Disc/1968
4. I Woke Up Screaming/Bobby Bland/LP/Duke-Edsel/1956-198?
5. Devil Eyes/Sheppards/45/King Tutt/196?-1976
BED & Send-Off: N.I.B./Black Sabbath/LP/Warner Bros/1970

Special Guests:! Dean Welles!

this soul is to be saved at all costs

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J_Biz said...

Nice really ought to seed a mega-archive of all these shows together somewhere....I'm kicking myself hard over some of the ones I missed hearing on this list.

Keep up the good work and rock on!