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Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/03/2005

just so we won't have to work
I have a feeling I want to be goodI want ACTION

eightball genesis discovered

No Two-Bitters

Well, no MP3 this week - something went awry with the stream during my airtime, so this post is a bust unless you caught it live - in which case, I have supplied the playlist below, and the usual groovy pictures for the kids. New season starts today. My one year anniversary on the show, although I forgot to mention that on the program. I'm thinking of integrating some sort of "Love Connection"-esque phone-in game show along with the music. E-mail me at soulcrates@gmail.com to let me know what you think of the idea or if you would like to be a contestant* on the show. I'm rambling because there's no "click on the image to hear the show" schtick to do this week. Listen to the Sax Therapy MP3, it's only there until Wednesday. I'll be on Soul Spectrum this Sunday at 8, I'll probably make a hype post for it this week sometime, keep watching the skies.

dime store irony

Playlist for Lost & Found, 10/03/05


Set One: innocence or ignorance

Intro: Barefootin'/Willie Mitchell/45/Hi/1966
1. Theme from Cleopatra Jones/Joe Simon/45/Spring/1973
2. Slick/Willie Hutch/45/Motown/1973
3. Bootleggin'/Symtec & Wylie/45/Mister Chand/1971
4. Mighty Mighty/Jesse Anderson/45/Thomas/1970
5. Mini Skirt Minnie/Sir Mack Rice/45/Stax/1967
6. Piece of My Heart/Sisters Love/45/A&M/1970
7. Hey Joe/Wilson Pickett/45/Atlantic/1969
8. How Can I Be Sure/The Young Rascals/45/Atlantic/1967
9. I'm Young/Terri Sharp/45/Fontana/1966
10.15 Going On 20/Five By Five/45/Paula/1970
11.Some Velvet Morning/Vanilla Fudge/45/Atco/1969
12.Fly/George Baker Selection/45/Colossus/1969
13.Damn Right It's Good/Gwen McCrae/45/Cat/1976
14.I'm Sorry Babe/Clarence Reid/45/Tay-Ster/1969
BED: Melting Pot/Booker T & the MG's/LP/Stax/1971

Set Two: I'll ride the rollercoaster

1. Don't Think Twice It's Alright/Ramblin' Jack Elliot/LP/Reprise/1968
2. (Let's Go To the) Movie Show/Jeremy & the Satyrs/LP/Reprise/1968
3. The Same One/Gene Clark/LP/Columbia/1966-1972
4. Nobody's Business/Lou Reed/LP/RCA/1976
5. Let Me/Segio Mendes Trio/LP/Tower/1966
6. I Want Her She Wants Me/The Zombies/LP/Date/1968
7. Hoboin'/Tim Hardin/LP/Columbia/1971
8. No Regrets/Tom Rush/LP/Elektra/1968 (r)
9. Lonely are the Lonely/John Fred & His Playboy Band/LP/Paula/1968
10.Ferris Wheel/Everly Brothers/LP/Warner Bros/1965
BED: Tomorrow Never Knows/Steve Marcus/LP/Vortex/1968


Set Three: i kinda slide in sideways

1. C'mon Home/Buckinghams/LP/Columbia/1968
2. I'm a Ram/Al Green/LP/Hi/1971
3. The End of Our Road/Gladys Knight & the Pips/LP/Soul/1969
4. That's the Way Love Is/Marvin Gaye/LP/Tamla/1969
BED: Quiet Village/The Surfmen/LP/Somerset/1962

Special Guests: John Dall, Berry Kroeger, Peggy Cummins, Murray Hamilton

deadly is the female
AKA Gun Crazy

*not really

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Anonymous said...

Bummer! I hope you can replay some of the tracks from the show in the weeks ahead for us archive listeners. Looks like a great show!