Tuesday, June 14, 2005

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/13/05

knob turner supremeecho soul monsters
The Undisputed Truth, and undisputed mastermind of their sound, Norman Whitfield.

I won't bore you with my problems, but amazingly painful back spasms came out of nowhere an hour before the show, and I was a hurting man throughout...kept it together for the most part, with some nice hot weather tunes (it was the fourth 90 degree day in a row!) and a noisy sendoff to Sara J as she leaves Lost & Found for her new show, Gorilla Got Me , which will be on WMBR wednesdays 2PM-4PM EST, so check it out or suffer the consequences of not being down.

MP3 is all fired up and ready to go - look, I know it's annoying, but my show doesn't start until around 8 minutes into the file, I promise to get some editing software soon that will allow me to customize these files, and also to start slapping LRC DJ's who can't be done by 12:00!! - Anyway, a simple CLICK UPON THE GLASS PRISM boys in full Poe regalia BELOW will begin the download. And the playlist scrolls downward, if cheating is your game.


Playlist for Lost & Found, 06/13/05


Set One: Box of Letters

Intro: Marvin's Groove/B.W. Souls/45/Round/196?
1. Funky/Chambers Brothers/LP/Columbia/1970 (courtesy OT)
2. Summertime/Al Green/LP/Hi/1972
3. Good Day Sunshine/Roy Redman/LP/MGM/1968
4. You Don't Want My Love/Inez Foxx/LP/Volt/1973
5. Spinning Wheel/Sammy Davis, Jr./LP/Motown/1970
6. Feel It for Me/Ten Years After/LP/Deram/1967
7. Blues 99/Cash McCall/LP/Paula/1974
8. Honey Love/Black Heat/LP/Atlantic/1972
9. Oh, Sister/Bob Dylan/LP/Columbia/1975
10.She Promises Everything/Ars Nova/LP/Atlantic/1969
11.Give It Up/Kool & the Gang/LP/De-Lite/1971
12.I Saw You When You Met Her/Undisputed Truth/LP/Gordy/1975
13.Summer Wine/Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood/LP/Reprise/1968
BED: The Trio/Ennio Morricone/LP/UA/1967

Set Two: As If It Were Yesterday

1. What Have I Got of My Own/Trini Lopez/45/Reprise/1964
2. Girl Don't Tell Me/Beach Boys/LP/Capitol/1965
3. Get Out of My Life/Little Anthony & Imperials/LP/DCP/1966
4. That's How It Is/Otis Clay/LP/Hi/1972
5. I Just Want To Be Me/Freedom Express/LP/Mercury/1969
6. Clouds(Both Sides Now)/Dave Van Ronk/LP/Verve Forecast/1968
BED: Loran's Dance/Idris Muhammad/LP/CTI/1974

Set Three: grisly death of the superego

1. Cock In My Pocket/Stooges/LP/Revenge/1973-1988
2. You Are My Sunshine/The Lively Ones/LP/MGM/1967
3. El Dorado/Glass Prism/LP/RCA/1969
4. The Conquerer Worm/Glass Prism/LP/RCA/1969
5. The Rake/The ID/LP/RCA/1967 (OT Redux)
BED:Happenings 10 Years Time Ago/Sandy Nelson/LP/Imperial/1967

Set Four: 45's In the Family (or "greatness 'skips' a generation?")

1. My Pride Won't Let Me/Eddie Purrell/45/Volt
2. Keep On Dancin'/Alvin Cash/45/Toddlin' Town/1969
3. Really Together/Billy Vera & Judy Clay/45/Atlantic/1967
4. Tramp/Lowell Fulsom/45/Kent/1966
BED: She's a Woman - And I Love Her/Chet Atkins/LP/RCA/1966

Tha Kiss-Off: I Don't Care Anymore/Doris Duke/45/Canyon/1970

I may be bald, but at least I'm not chickenshit!
I miss hockey.

Special Guests: Paul Newman, Cybil Sheppard (again!), Nicholas Cage, Jim Kelly, Andrew Duncan, Robert DeNiro

first hour was a dream, really nice - rest of the day had it's problems, but overall I like this show...fun phonecalls, giving away the 3D tix was neat - gee, let's do it all again in 2 weeks, I'm ready! (must be the prescription drugs, I would hug a mountain lion right now...)

slice of melted yellow cheese slice of melted yellow cheese slice of melted yellow cheese


Larry Grogan said...

Nice show. I like that Van Ronk /Hudson Dusters track a lot. I passed on a copy of the LP years ago and have regretted it ever since.

MackMcCoy said...

Larry -
Thanks for listening, I got that LP at a yard sale just the day before the show - I tend to grab versions of that song - besides the Joni Mitchell OG and the Judy Collins hit, I like that Van Ronk one and the Kim Weston 45 version on Banyon Tree from 69. Oh, and there's a version on the highly coveted Dee Felice Trio LP as well!