Tuesday, May 17, 2005

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/16/05

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Right back 'atcha this week, with 2 more hours of damaged vinyl and deadpan bravado! Oh yeah, it's on, just CLICK on the Animals picture sleeve BELOW to listen/download. And just a little further down is the full playlist, for those who like to peek. Please to acknowledge this file is 113MB/2 hours in size, so speed & space are key.

looking OUT
is it just the perspective of this photo, or is one of the Animals 9 feet tall??

Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/16/05


Set One: Can You Handle My Load?

Intro: The End/George Benson/LP/A&M/1970
1. Wake Up/King Hanniba;/45/Aware/1973
2. Just Beyond/Riot/LP/Motown/1974
3. We Won't Be In Your Way Anymore/Irma Thomas/45/Canyon/1972
4. Police On My Back/Equals/LP/RCA/1968
*Assault on Precinct 13 Spot
5. Inside Looking Out/Animals/LP/MGM/1966
6. It's My Life/Timmy Thomas/CD/Goldwax-Vivid/1967
7. The Hitmen/Dolemite OST/LP/Generation International/1975
8. Is It Too Heavy for You/Persuaders/LP/Atco/1973
9. Ain't No Greens in Harlem/Vibrations/LP(comp)/Mandala/1972
10.Mickey's Monkey/Pacific Ocean/LP/VMC/1968
11.Like Running Water/Clarence Reid/LP/Alston/1973
BED: Reggins/Blackbyrds/LP/Fantasy/1974

Set Two: Do the Vanilla Twist

1. You Don't Own Me/Dusty Springfield/LP/Philips/1964
2. Walking In the Mist/Little Buck/LP/Seven B-Bandy/1966?
3. I Make Him Fly/Gale Garnett/LP/RCA/1967
4. Endless Sleep/Poppy Family/45/London/1970
5. Nothing But a Heartache/Flirtations/45/Deram/1968
6. Burning Spear/Soulful Strings/45/Cadet/1968
7. Let Go, Reach Out/Jerry Moore/LP/ESP/1967
BED: Neckbone/The MG's/LP/Stax/1973

Set Three: Power & Might to Beat the Black Knight

1. Third Uncle/Brian Eno/LP/Island/1974
2. Neurotic Reaction/Kannibal Komix/LP/Colossus/1970
3. Pulse/Ten Wheel Drive & Genya Ravan/LP/Polydor/1970
4. Who Could Want More/Lee Michaels/LP/A&M/1969
BED: 74 Miles Away/Cannonball Adderley Quintet/LP/Capitol/1967

Set Four: Only Needed for My Daywork

1. African Boo-Ga-Loo/Jackie Lee/45/Keymen/1968
2. I'm Not Your Regular Woman/Lucille Mathis/CD/Abet/1968
3. You're Gonna Thank Me Woman/Joe Tex/LP/Atlantic/1968
4. He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'/Marvelettes/LP/Tamla/1967
BED: After the Dance (Instrumental)/Marvin Gaye/LP/Tamla/1976

Set Five: If You Don't Know Now, You Know?

1. Hey Bulldog/Bill Deal & the Rhondels/LP/Heritage/1969
2. Don't Tease Me/? and the Mysterians/LP/Cameo/1966
3. Have Love Will Travel/Sonics/Jerden-Norton/1966-1997
4. I'm Not Like Everybody Else/Chocolate Watchband/LP/AVI/1968-1983
BED: Senor Blues/Harvey Mandel/LP/Philips/1970

...back in the groove today, although the phones were quiet for the most part...the Pacific Ocean LP rules my world, must...play...more...wish I could have found my Out of the Past DVD, today's show was sadly devoid of the noir touch that means so much...next time, for sure.

rio carpentero rio carpentero

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