Tuesday, April 19, 2005

MP3 & Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/18/05

This week's Lost & Found MP3 available now! Simply click on the Hawkwind LP cover below to listen/download. The usual warning applies, it is a 113MB file, 2 hours in length, so be aware. Full playlist below, for complete immersion within the L&F experience.

Hall of the Mountain Grill

Playlist for Lost & Found, 04/18/05


Set One: For Those in Orbit

Intro: Cybernaut/Tonto's Expanding Head Band/LP/Atlantic/1971
1. Time Machine/Chocolate Milk/MP3/RCA/1975
2. Star Track/Jefferson Airplane/LP/RCA/1968
*R&R Doctor, "clawing your face off"
3. Lost Johnny/Hawkwind/LP/UA/1974
4. Offering/Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry/LP/Island UK/1970
5. Sample & Hold/Neil Young/LP/Geffen/1982
6. Down By the River (L&F Double Indemnity Remix)/Undisputed Truth/LP/Gordy/1975
7. Southern Man/Merry Clayton/LP/Ode/1971
*R&R Doctor, "are you having a bad trip?"
8. Beautiful Scarlet/Rare Bird/45/Probe/1969
9. Uphill Peace of Mind/Gospel Truth/45/Kayvette/1975
BED: I Got So Much Trouble/Charles Kynard/LP/Mainstream/1973

Set Two: mellow marsh

1. Friday's Child/Lee Hazlewood/LP/Harmony/1967
2. Find 'em Fool 'em Forget 'em/Bobbie Gentry/LP/Capitol/1967
3. Two By Two/Steve Martin/45/Buddah/1971
*R&R Doctor, "I took some pills I think"
4. You're a Big Girl Now/Bob Dylan/LP/Columbia/1974
5. Snake/Harvey Mandel/LP/Phillips/1968
6. Night Time/Big Star/CD/Ryko/199?
BED: Comin' Home Baby/Joe Thomas Group/LP/Cobblestone/196???

Set Three: and what YOU got

1. One Who Really Loves You/Mary Wells/LP/Motown/1962
2. Date With the Rain/Eddie Kendricks/LP/Tamla/1972
3. Ain't Nobody Home/Howard Tate/LP/Verve/1967
4. With My Love and What You've Got/Jean Wells/45/Calla/1968
5. Almost/Jimmy Delphs/45/Karen/1968
6. 99 Lbs/Ann Peebles/CD/Hi/1971 - req.
BED: Night Has a Thousand Eyes/Sonny Rollins/LP/RCA/1962

Set Four: accept the sun, don't fight it

1. Big Shot/Bonzo Dog Band/LP/Liberty/1967 - req.
*R&R Doctor, "a couple-a quarts of rum,"
2. Bad Part of Town/Bare Facts/LP/Jubilee-Eva/1966-198?
3. I Feel Much Better/Small Faces/LP/Immediate-Get Back/1967
4. Baby, It's You/Smith/LP/ABC Dunhill/1969
5. Wish You Were Here With Me/Outsiders/MP3/Polydor/1968
6. Bad Woman (instro)/Pat Farrel & the Believers/CD/Diamond/1966
7. Black Snow/Music Machine/LP/Sundazed/1967-2000
BED: Track In A/Cat Mother/LP/Polydor/1968

hazy day, another Boston pseudo-holiday where you don't know where you're supposed to be...space rock was fun...phone call: "hey, I was wondering if you could tell me where I might find a CD of a song you played" "um, maybe, which song?" "...oh, no song in particular, I just thought you could tell me where I could find some CD's in the area..." ??? sent him to In Your Ear, they love customers.

goodbye babygoodbye babygoodbye babygoodbye baby

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