Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Playlist For Lost & Found, 12/27/04


Set One: That's MISTER Soul To You, Friend...

Intro: Theme From "The Warriors"/Barry De Vorzon/LP/A&M/1979
1. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out/The Brothers Three/45/T-Neck/1969
2. Luv n' Haight/Sly & the Family Stone/LP/Epic/1971
3. 2+2=?/Bob Seger System/LP/Capitol/1968
4. Black Bag/Carl "Sherlock" Holmes/LP/CRS/197?
5. Mr. Soul/The Road/LP/Kama Sutra/1970
*Warriors "Boppers" quote #1
6. Only Love Can Break Your Heart/Jackie DeShannon/45/Atlantic/1972
7. The Nitty Gritty/Gladys Knight & the Pips/LP/Soul/1969
8. They Get Down/Lloyd Price/45/GSF/1973
Bed: The Creeper/Young-Holt Unlimited/LP/Cotillion/1970

Set Two: Pomade on My Pillow

1. 36-22-36/Bobby "Blue" Bland/LP/Duke/1962
2. Unchain My Heart/Rivingtons/LP/Liberty/1963
*Little Richard, "Royal Crown Pomade Ad"
3. I'm Gonna Put a Watch On You/Ruby Lee/LP/Peptone-Stomp/196?-2004
4. Message To My Woman/Walter Rhodes/45/Violet/1971
5. That's Why I'm Always Crying/Little Junior Parker/45/Duke/1964
BED: Harbor Lights/Santo & Johnny/LP/Canadian-American/195?

Set Three: No, But Your Face Is!

1. Things I Should Have Said/Grassroots/LP/ABC/1967
2. No Return/The Third Rail/45/Epic/1967
*Peter Fonda, Wild Angels "wanna be free" speech
3. Bongo Party/Davie Allan & the Arrows/LP/Tower/1966
4. I'm the Face/The Who/LP/Track/1974
5. I Know This Time/The Triumphs/CD/Barclay-Arf Arf/1967-2000
*Warriors "Boppers" quote #2
6. Get Yourself Together/Small Faces/LP/Immediate/1967
BED: Soul Dressing/Booker T & the MG's/CD/Stax/1964

Set Four: Tearz

1. Everybody Knows/O.V. Wright/CD/Backbeat/196?
2. Sweet Music/Major Lance/LP/Okeh/1963
*Curtis Mayfield "Superfly" radio spot
3. Ghetto Child (demo)/Curtis Mayfield/CD/Curtom-Warner/1972-1997
4. After Laughter (Comes Tears)/Wendy Rene/CD/Stax/1964
5. The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game/Marvelettes/LP/Tamla/1967
BED: Girl From Kenya/Fabulous Counts/LP/Cotillion/1969

Set Five: This Sh*t Rawks!

1. Panic In Detroit/David Bowie/LP/RCA/1973
2. Rainbow/Eric Burdon Band/LP/Capitol-Far Out/1975
3. In a Broken Dream/Python Lee Jackson/LP/1969
4. Eyes On You/Jade Warrior/LP/Vertigo/1971
5. Purple Haze/Dion/LP/Laurie/1968

Set Six: In a Family Way

1. 46 Drums & 1 Guitar/Little Carl Carlton/45/Backbeat/1968
2. I'll Get You In the End/Foster Sylvers/45/MGM/1973
3. You Haven't Done Nothin'/Stevie Wonder w/the Jackson 5/45/Tamla/1974
*Warriors, "boppers" quote #3
4. Get It/Triplett Twins/Thomas/197?
BED: Eddie You Should Know Better (instro)/Curtis Mayfield/CD/Curtom-Warner/1972-1997

...well, it took forever to get this one up, but now I gots hi-speed net in the boudoir, so things should move a lot faster..."Warriors" theme was fun, lots of calls about the "heavy rock" set, as the ol' school L&F headz came out of their shells...

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Carmen said...

How come you didn't thank me on your blog? (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...) ...and for that matter, if you have DSL, why don't you answer emails, Slacker McCoy?

PS: Re: the Funk CD...like the movie clip over "Sexual Healing"...nice touch!