Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Playlist for Lost & Found, 11/15/2004:

Set One: Old Dirty Beats

Intro: Chocolate Watchband/Are You Gonna Be There/(instrumental)/45/Sundazed/1967-2001
1. Troggs/Night of the Long Grass/LP/Fontana/1968
2. Soul Survivors/Explosion In Your Soul/45/Crimson/1968
3. Brian Auger & Trinity w/Julie Driscoll/Break It Up/LP/Atco/1968
4. Terry Knight & the Pack/Sleep Talkin'/LP/Lucky Eleven/1966
* Dolemite, "The Human Tornado" Radio Spot RIP ODB
5. Wallace Brothers/Whatcha Feel Is Whatcha Get/LP/Walbro-Jazzman/1973-2004
6. Bill Doggett/Honky Tonk/LP/King/1969
7. Robert Moore/Everything's Gonna Be Alright/LP/Saadia-Goldmine/196?-1995
8-BED: Funkadelic/I'll Bet You/LP/Westbound/1971

Set Two: The Chair, The Gas Chamber, Or Just a Rope?

1. Strangeloves/Night Time/LP/Bang/1966
2. Remains/Me Right Now/LP/Epic/1966
3. Haunted/I'm Just Gonna Blow My Little Mynd To Bits/45/Jet-Eva/1967-1995
* Preston Foster, "Kansas City Confidential"
4. Belfast Gipsies/Secret Police/45/Loma/1967
5. Ventures/Whittier Blvd/LP/Dalton/1965
* Louis Calhern & umm..that guy..., "The Asphalt Jungle"
BED: Ventures/I Like It Like That/LP/Dalton/1965

Set Three: Gee Whiz, I Love You

1. Harvey Scales & Seven Sounds/Love-Itis/45/Magic touch/1967
2. James Brown/Lost Someone/LP/King/1961
3.Vernon & Jewell/Those Lonely, Lonely Nights/LP/Kent/1964
4. Ray Charles/I BelieveTo My Soul/LP/Atlantic/1959
* Marilyn Monroe & ???, "The Asphalt Jungle"
5. Jackie Lee/Let Your Consience Be Your Guide/45/Mirwood/1965
BED: Jimmy McGriff/One of Mine/45/Sue/1963

Set Four: That Was a Rotten Year
1. Ronnie Hawkins/Mary Lou/LP/Roulette/1959-1970
* Sterling Hayden & Jean Hagen, "The Asphalt Jungle"
2. Flying Burritto Brothers/Juanita/LP/A&M/1969
3. Townes Van Zandt/Waitin' Round To Die/LP/Poppy/1968
4. Susan Barrett/How Can We Hang On To a Dream/45/RCA/1967
BED: 18th Century Concepts/If I Were a Carpenter/LP/Sidewalk/1967

Set Five: Windy City Without Pity

1. Syl Johnson/Walk a Mile In My Shoes/LP/Twinight/1970
2. Impressions/Too Slow/LP/ABC/1966
3. Barbara Acklin/Be By My Side/LP/Brunwick/1968
4. Maurice & Mac/Why Don't You Try Me/45/Checker/1968
5. Billy Butler/I'm Just a Man/LP/Okeh-Charly/1964-1992
6. Gene Chandler/There Was a Time/LP/Brunwick/1968
BED: Dee Felice Trio/There Was a Time/LP/Bethlehem/1970

Set Six: Big Holes on the Bayou

1. Willie Harper/But I Couldn't/45/Alon/1962
2. Irma Thomas/Break-a-Way/45/Imperial/1964
3. Bobby Powell/Why Am I Treated So Bad/45/Whit/1967
* Sam Jaffe & that guy that ALWAYS plays beat cops in films, "The Asphalt Jungle"
4. The Hueys/Coo Coo Over You/45/Instant/1968
5.Cyril Neville/Gossip/45/Josie/1969

The Send Off: Solomon Burke/Don't Wait Too Long/LP/Bell/1969

...had to fade out the Solomon Burke, which hurt, and playing all the Asphalt Jungle was fun, but I blew it all out in one show...


fuckhead said...

no one posted, b/c it's a pain in the ass to do so, unless of course you are already gay enough to have your own blog... that said, this is an nice mix, with more rock stuff than usual to should keep the obsessive weird Lost and Found fans happy ("oooooh, townes van zandt!")... also, did you know "gossip" by cyril neville is worth a ridiculous amount of money? you're a lucky man to have aquired such a record for peanuts...

Galloglass Films said...

Sean Cassidy for President!

Wow! The show has such powerful audio-hist-a-mines, I thought I was back in the third grade, plotting against Joel Shanning for the heart of Cathy-Jean Hoey and avoiding conflict in the milk line.

I love the lines this guy plays from movies. The... quotes? Yeah! The quotes. Every (other) week is something new, something to look forward to. And they make a great segue. You think it would distract you... and it does! But in the good kind of way. The kind of way that has consideration for the smaller, less gifted creatures in our world. The kind of way that wants a better future for our planet but still has the common decency to take a bath and the stomach to watch the guilty swing.

And the music! You never heard such music. Just listen.

Yeah, it was quite an afterenoon